Toronto Miniature Sculptor / Wax carver.

Well made miniature sculptures that are wax carved become a silver model, a one of a kind works of art done by a production model maker utilizing a lost wax process. Lost wax casting, 3D carving, three dimensional items are ordered here as well as miniature bronze sculptures. Miniature sculpture with quite a fine detailed carving is what is distinguished ad a piece of art. miniature sculptures and miniature bronze sculptures are ordered here too. CAD CAM jewelry models are produced here. The best custom made jewellery in Toronto are done here. Special order diamond jewellery are better made by the professional jewellery model makers. Toronto’s finest jewellery model maker will make all you master model ideas come true. Independent miniature bronze sculptor is working on premises ready to work on your miniature bronze sculptures. Excellent, professional miniature bronze sculptures Toronto will make your wax carver jewellery for much lesser price that your ordinary wax carving jewellery store. Go around the store and order your wax models from the wax carver Toronto! Our Toronto jewelry model maker is the best.  

Small bronze statuettes. Wax models. Toronto sculptor.

Small bronze statuettes. Welcome to the Small bronze statuettes machine milling and printing wax models! Our jewellery, special order jewellery, wax carving and custom made jewellery! The profession of a model maker or the Toronto sculptor is also called a wax designer. Model makers are the artists who create the Toronto sculptor. Jewellery model maker, is a rare profession. Good wax carvers that carve the best quality models utilizing their superb wax carving techniques making jewelry models are hard to find but very easy to work with in small bronze statuettes. There are also Wax Sculptors who sculpt wax models, they also have their place in jewelry business sculpting small statues from people to animals, including bronze sculptor Toronto. The jewelry model maker or the wax carver, can also be called the jewelry wax carver or the Small bronze statuettes- the one who makes the bronze sculptor. The business of small bronze statuettes require a heavy presence of jewelry wax carvers who create jewelry wax carvings and other models or rings, earrings and pendants. Every jewelry manufacturer need a good  jewellery modeler or a Toronto sculptor and various master models. So Toronto sculptor in Toronto is the way to go! - Серёзные знакомства духовных, интеллектуальных людей! - dating (acquaintances) site for intelligent, spiritual people with a healthy outlook on life.

  Miniature sculptor in Toronto. Wax carvings and bronze statuettes services for jewellery manufacturers. Excellent, detailed carvings.

 A wax carver in Toronto, Ontario Canada takes your bronze statuettes sketch and translates it into a 3D bronze statuettes of your design usind bronze statuettes prototyping or makes a wax model maker by had, whether by carving or hand-made wax carved bronze sculptor in Toronto. We're called wax carvers, modelmakers and even waxsmiths. Since the first metal prototype from detailed wax carvings will be cast directly form the wax models, it has to be just right. Any flaws in the jewelry wax models will reproduce themselves in the casting. Wax is versatile and lets you create very sculptural designs, like flowers, faces, snakes, etc. any wax carvings!  A lot of the jewelry you see for sale actually starts as a wax model, made by a wax model maker in Toronto. Miniature sculptor in Toronto clients typically are looking for a way to make their Miniature sculptor in Toronto stand apart from the masses, with some original components, like clasps, or logo tags. Or they may need wax models for a new line of jewelry, including rings, charms, earrings, pendants and more. I can produce a single model or an entire line. It all starts with your idea.

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bronze statuettes company provides the jewellery manufacturing companies with wax models and various wax carvings of excellent quality. We also provide public with custom-made, special order jewellery items of excellent quality and craftsmanship. We produce excellent quality custom-made diamond engagement rings Toronto and the special order diamond jwellery for very affordable prices. You can sit with a jewellery designer and create your own jewellery. You can order an exact copy of a ring you saw elsewhere. It will have everything exactly the same, from design to the quality of diamonds but it will cost much less than anywhere else. Subsequently you can be in control of what’s happening with your item next,- you can come and see the wax model or a miniature bronze sculpture of your future ring and if needed request changes made to it free of charge before it went to casting and got finished. You can get copied your existing ring or an earring you’ve lost, remodel your old worn out ring and have it look exactly how it looked when it was brand new. Freelance jewellery wax model maker in Toronto.  Our jewellery company oriented to design and produce custom-made,
special order jewellery items. We specialize in custom-made diamond engagement rings and bridal jewellery as well as fine jewellery featuring intricate, delicate designs demanding superb craftsmanship and skills to produce. We provide our clients and customers with excellent quality & craftsmanship, unique luxury jewelry and jewellery model making and bronze miniature sculptor of Toronto.

  Welcome! I am a professional jewelry model maker, sсulptor & designer
working for the Toronto’s jewellery manufacturers for already 13 years. I’ve graduated George
Brown College three years jewellery arts diploma program with gold medal and honors in 1998.
 Since then I worked for various fine jewelry manufacturers in Toronto including such well known
ones as Canadian Birks and American Tiffany jewelry companies as a freelance model-maker.
  I have exhibited my works in galleries and got several awards such as the Canadian Jewellers
Association Award of Excellence, Gerry Bitter & Marvin Gerstein Award for Outstanding Achievement
and the Imperial smelters & Refining Co. of Canada Award for Excellence and Expertise.  
  Currently I continue to work at my studio making any kinds of wax carvings miniature sculptures
primarily for Canadian jewellery manufacturers and special order, custom made pieces for private clients.
  At my free time I prefer to read books and try to progress spiritually, living a meaningful life.
I also enjoy sculpting, web design and get inspired by the achievements of creative artists
of the past.    
  You can use the “contact info” page to contact me at any time via phone or e-mail.
You can also visit my jewellery exclusives site